When to Consider Crown Lengthening

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When you smile, do you feel like too much of your gums are showing? If so, you may have what some dental professionals refer to as a “gummy smile”. But don’t worry. “Gummy smiles” are actually quite common, and if you feel like this type of smile is making you hesitant to show off your teeth, there are ways to make your tooth-to-gum ratio more natural. One of these options is crown lengthening.

Crown lengthening is a simple and common procedure that a doctor from our team can perform to remove excess gum tissue, bone, or both to give your smile the appearance you want. With crown lengthening, our professionals can treat a single tooth or all of your teeth. There is no limit or minimum requirement for you to feel more comfortable about the way your smile looks.

So how do you know when crown lengthening is right for you? Well, a “gummy smile” can be caused by several different things, all of which are good reasons to consider a crown lengthening procedure. Some of the most common causes of a “gummy smile” include:

– Genetics
– When a tooth breaks off at the gumline
– Teeth grinding, resulting in worn-down and shorter teeth
– When a filling or crown falls out and there is decay underneath
– Upper lip movement, caused by retracting muscles

If you have a “gummy smile” and are interested in learning more about crown lengthening, we invite you to contact Periodontic & Implantology Associates at and talk with our friendly team. We are located in Dearborn, Farmington Hlls, Wyandotte, and Milford, MI, so please feel free to contact us today!