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Osseous surgery is a procedure we may recommend to treat periodontal disease. If deep cleanings and other periodontal treatments have not been completely successful in managing periodontal disease, osseous surgery is performed.

This procedure is designed to smooth and reshape bone that has been damaged by periodontal disease, as well as to create a shallow pocket that makes it more difficult for bacteria to survive. A careful and conservative incision is made to help to access and remove residual calculus (tartar) deposits. The surface of the bone may have become uneven due to destruction caused by periodontitis, and smoothing and reshaping the bone creates a better surface for the repair and development of healthy tissue. The periodontist will clean the tooth roots, reshape the bone, and remove the unhealthy or disease gum tissue lining.

Often times, guided tissue regeneration is performed at the time of osseous surgery, to attempt to “grow back” support for the teeth. A bone graft or guided tissue regeneration membrane to supplement the tissue regeneration process.

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