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Just like all dental and medical professionals, a periodontist attends a speciality school to develop and learn specific skills that help keep others health. A periodontist is a type of dentist who specifically prevents, diagnoses, and treats periodontal (gum) issues, including gum disease. Periodontists also specialize in placing dental implants.

A periodontist begins their education by completing their undergraduate degree. Next, they attend four years of dental school, after which they complete an additional three years of periodontal training. This specialized training focuses on utilize the latest dental technology and techniques to perform a variety of restorative and cosmetic gum procedures.

When do I need to see a periodontist?
If you have a minor issue with your gum health, you may be able to get the proper treatment from your dentist. However, if you have developed more severe symptoms of gum disease, or if you are looking to replace one or more missing teeth with a dental implant, you can benefit greatly from seeing one of our specialists.

A periodontist has received the training and knowledge necessary to identify potential or current issues with your gum health. By seeing someone with this type of expertise, you can be more confident that your diagnoses are accurate and that your treatment plan will provide you with the treatment you need.

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