Important Outcomes of Placing Dental Implants

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Of the many options you can choose to receive tooth replacement, dental implants offer some unique advancements due to the fact that the artificial teeth become attached to the jawbone structure in place of missing teeth. Dr. David Darany and our team can help you regain longevity, functionality and durability by placing these dental restorations in your smile.

If you have further questions about dental implant benefits, we invite you to review the information provided below:

– Dental implants undergo osseointegration, which is a unique process that bonds the implants to the jawbone after they have been placed so that their hold can become strengthened and form a highly durable grip that mimics the root of a real tooth.

– While some patients can begin to take on a sunken facial appearance as a result of missing teeth, the placement of dental implants helps to prevent this from occurring by supporting the facial structure.

– Similarly, dental implants provide a grip for the jawbone so that it doesn’t become weak and begin to reabsorb after tooth loss.

– The shape and appearance of your dental implants will be customized to your unique smile so that you can have a full set of beautiful and natural-looking teeth.

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