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Formally referred to as a gingivectomy, crown lengthening is a versatile periodontal procedure used to correct a number of dental health problems affecting patients. Crown lengthening reshapes your gum line to lengthen your teeth, thereby discouraging many health risks.

One of the common reasons for a gingivectomy is the threat of gum disease. If infection in the gums has caused “pockets” to form between the gums and bases of the teeth, it’s easy for bacteria to invade these areas and result in further gum irritation and even tooth loss. Reshaping the gum line can reduce the pocket depth and increase the efficacy of any additional treatments provided by our periodontists.

Crown lengthening can also be performed for cosmetic purposes, such as reducing a “gummy smile.” This occurs when your gum line covers too much of your teeth and makes them appear short. Our skilled team can recontour your gum line to uncover more of the tooth structure and enhance the overall appearance and presence of your smile.

We may also need to lengthen the teeth if too much gum tissue covering the teeth is preventing the placement of a dental restoration. In this case, we can trim back the gums to uncover more of the teeth and allow the restoration to be placed properly.

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